Drone Japan



Company Profile

This is the company profile of Drone Japan. 8 years since establishment.
With the experience and track record we have cultivated up until now, we will develop the optimal service for our customers.

Initiatives for SDGs

Drone Japan’s mission statement since its founding has been to realize technology creation through drones x IoT, and we will contribute to achieving goals 15, 2, and 4 of the SDGs.

Members Introduction

Since Drone Japan was founded in December 2015, we have been developing our business based on four pillars: engineer training, consulting, pilot training, and agriculture. Drone Japan will delve into agriculture as an applied field and create solutions that can address global warming by “bridging Japanese drone engineers with the world.”

Mission Statement

This is a new era that calls for a transformation from the “sharing economy in a narrow sense” to “essential shared value.”
Drone Japan will create a social and economic model of recycling-based coexistence and co-prosperity using drones.