Initiatives for SDGs

Food crisis due to global population explosion and drastic decrease in cultivated land (caused by global environmental and climate change issues).
To solve this major problem, there is a need for “technology that allows crops to be grown in any land and environment,” as well as “technology that allows crops to be grown in accordance with the natural environment surrounding the original land.”
Drone Japan’s mission statement since its founding has been to realize the latter technology creation with drones x IOT, and we will contribute to achieving goals 15, 2, and 4 of the SDGs.

    — NEWS —
    March 8, 2023: Our Chairman Hisanori Sunohara gives a lecture at the Tokyo Rotary Club
    Lecture title: “Drones and Environmental Conservation (SDGs)”

SDGs projects we are specifically working on

drone wine project

“Cultivation support technology that does not rely on pesticides and chemical fertilizers” utilizes “drones & AI.” The Drone Wine Project is a project that promotes SDGs (15 Riches on Land) by developing this technology and “increasing the number of organic producers of wine grapes as much as possible.”

    — NEWS —
    August 21, 2023: President Kiichiro Katsumata gives a lecture at the Japan Sommelier Association
    Lecture title: “Challenges of grape cultivation using new technologies (drones & AI)”

drone rice project

The Drone Rice Project is a project in which drones support the rice production of dedicated farmers who do not rely on pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and by connecting dedicated farmers with consumers around the world who sympathize with them, we aim to “produce as much organic rice as possible.” This is a project that aims to increase the number of growers.It has been an initiative since 2015 when our company was founded.

Drone agricultural support in Rwanda

We worked on JICA’s SDGs project, which was adopted mainly by Toyota Motor Corporation, to make technical and economic contributions to Rwandan agriculture using drones and ICT.

Mr. Harada of BHR learned from an experienced farmer and made the transition as an agricultural entrepreneur at the age of 30. Successfully cultivated gentian, which is native to Japan, in Rwanda. Now in its 8th year, the company is expanding its market in Europe and contributing greatly to employment in rural areas. Our company supported the development of precision cultivation using rover sensing.

It is shown from 16:30 to 18:00 in the PV introduced at the Rwanda session of the African Development Conference.

“Drone/AI x Agriculture” class at school

With the theme of “Drone/AI x Agriculture,” we have held more than 50 classes, mainly for high school students, across the country (2016 (as of September 2023).

We will provide classroom lectures, workshops, and demonstrations while introducing the latest actual efforts at our company to utilize drones for both “technology and sales marketing” to analyze crop growth, farm work, and promote harvests from a global perspective. Through flights, we offer classes where you can learn about the global value of future AI and Japan’s nature-harmonious agriculture.

August 7, 2023 Tochigi Prefectural Nasu Takuyo High School
Invited lecturer from SB Players
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December 11, 2020 Nihon University Narashino High School
16 year old work school instructor

Student impressions after class

June 25, 2016 Miyagi Prefecture Kami Agricultural High School
Special class instructor

October 1, 2019 Miyagi Prefecture Kami Agricultural High School
Special class instructor

Drone local production “prevention” project

  • Speed up and streamline the initial search for landslide disasters using drone image analysis.
  • Speeding up and rationalizing the transportation of supplies using drones to isolated villages during disasters.

The two drone technologies will be demonstrated, and based on the guidance of the Disaster Prevention Science Research Institute, the drone operators forming a consortium will pass on and develop the drone utilization techniques to local companies, fire departments, and volunteers.  
A project that aims to create a city where local people work on disaster prevention and mitigation.

consortium members

Yuki Collaborative Support Center, Jinseki Kogen Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, i-Robotics Co., Ltd., Keio University SFC Research Institute, National Research and Development Corporation Disaster Prevention Science and Technology Research Institute, Drone Japan Co., Ltd., Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd., Rakuten Co., Ltd. (in no particular order)


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