Mission Statement

In response to climate change, the era of “conversion to carbon neutrality” = GX (Green Transformation) has arrived.

After long discussions, the era has finally arrived where it is given top priority in all industries and all over the world.

In the agricultural field, each country has set clear goals for converting to organic farming, “agriculture that does not rely on pesticides and chemical fertilizers” by 2050.

“Ratio of organic area to total cultivated area” to 25%
In Japan, a goal was set to increase the consumption rate from the current 0.5% to 100 times.

In order to achieve “carbon neutrality” on a global scale, we need to restore “farmland” (soil preparation) that “absorbs carbon” more than “carbon emissions”. Isn’t that actually the most important perspective?

Of the carbon in the earth, the amount of emissions is 0.4% per year
Earth’s soil absorbs and stores 40% of carbon.

Most notable are deforestation to expand farmland and pesticides and fertilizers destroying the soil that is supposed to absorb carbon.

Rather than “How can we reduce emissions by 0.4%?”, “How can we protect and increase absorption by 40%?” = “Regenerating soil preparation” for this purpose is more important.

We are working to respond to climate change and global warming with the motto of “revitalizing soil production” = “bringing Japan’s soil production to the world.”

September 1, 2021
Drone Japan Co., Ltd.
COO, President
Kiichiro Katsumata

A corona-based society has arrived.
Let's go back to the vision and thoughts that Drone Japan has set forth.

A new era has suddenly arrived, requiring a transformation from the ``sharing economy in a narrow sense'' to ``essential shared value.''
``With limited resources, we will work with our comrades to create a society and economic model of recycling-based coexistence and co-prosperity, where people all over the world can live rich lives by sharing and helping each other.

April 1, 2020
Drone Japan Co., Ltd.
COO, President
Kiichiro Katsumata

Food crisis, environmental issues, and energy resource depletion issues. Current social and economic models are reaching their limits. From now on, we will need a social and economic model of recycling-oriented coexistence and co-prosperity, where people all over the world can share and help each other and live rich lives with limited resources.

Japan had achieved a recycling-based society of coexistence and mutual prosperity within limited resources and territory. The ``heart'' that lies at the heart of the Japanese people who are able to create such a society is beginning to be reconsidered as the values of the new world of the future.

We would like to contribute to ``creating a society where young people who inherit the will and skills of agricultural craftsmen can dream of farming'' and ``creating an environment where they can directly connect with people who seek Japanese deliciousness around the world.'' We will create an environment where "Japan's rural villages and people from overseas can meet, interact, and stay connected."

We will turn tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge in Japan's agriculture through the upcoming IT business, "IoT x Cloud." If we pursue this thoroughly, we will be able to teach the basic concept in an easy-to-understand, deep and logical manner that ``Through Japanese soil cultivation, nature and humans are not in a dichotomous relationship, but in a relationship of master-servant cooperation.'' I am confident that you will be able to do so.

In the future, when it will be essential to incorporate IoT x cloud technology and utilize it in agriculture, we will specialize in the field of drones within IoT.

By combining what I have gained through my work experience at Microsoft for a quarter of a century, I will connect overseas partners, the IT industry, agriculture, and the human resources development business that supports them, and create the concept of ``IT x Agriculture = Regional Treasure.'' Our vocation is "to the world."​

December 14, 2015 (Start date)
Drone Japan Co., Ltd.
COO, President
Kiichiro Katsumata